Why is digital pen technology used to process insurance claims?

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Most insurance claims are assessed by a professional who visits the site to inspect the damage and then implements a remedial action plan.

Traditionally paper forms are completed which give details relating to the claim and illustrations or diagrams can also be added as further explanation or evidence. The information on the forms then has to be input into an IT system in the office before any action regarding the claim can be taken. Needless to say this is a time consuming process and can result in delays in payment and unnecessary inconvenience for the claimant.

Using a digital pen and specially printed dot pattern paper, the forms can be completed in exactly the same way as before and drawings can also be included. On completion of the form, the data can then be instantly uploaded via Bluetooth to the IT system where processing can begin immediately.

The advantages are:

  • Claims can be processed faster
  • Higher level of customer satisfaction is achieved
  • More appointments result in increased revenue
  • No new skills have to be learned
  • Less confrontational than a laptop
  • Easier to spot fraudsters as more eye to eye contact is sustained

For further information on digital pen technology please call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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