Why is email archiving an important business practice?

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The business world is highly dependent on email as a means of communication and many transactions are carried out purely using email. Yet, many organisations do not have an email archiving strategy in place and therefore are at risk of losing valuable information and failing to meet operational and legislative requirements.

There are misconceptions about archiving email, some believing that it is costly, that implementation time is slow and maintaining back ups of large volumes of data is an issue.

The IPC Group’s solution, M.Message can dispel all these concerns – it is low cost, installed and implemented quickly and manages high volumes of data effortlessly.

M.Message software provides secure storage, management and retrieval for all incoming and outgoing emails. It automatically classifies, encrypts, compresses and stores every message and attachment and at the same time creates a fully auditable trail of email activity.

There are no storage limits so any organisation can be sure that regulatory controls can always be met thus avoiding costly legal fees should a business dispute occur.

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