Why is it important to scan business records?

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During the uncertain time in which we are now living, the retention of all types of business records has never been more important. The current economic climate has and will continue to impact on organisations causing closures and job losses across many sectors.

Every company has a responsibility for the safe keeping of its business records as they become critical in the case of site or branch shutdowns. This does not only apply to HR files but also financial records and operational paperwork.

The most cost effective and efficient way of storing this information is to have it scanned so it can be kept electronically. Once the documents have been converted into electronic format they can be confidentially disposed of, saving on storage space and also safeguarding the data for the future.

Documents can be sent to a document scanning bureau where a team of skilled operatives can scan any type and size of paperwork and apply references to allow fast and easy retrieval.

For further information on The IPC Group’s document scanning services please click here or call direct on freephone 08081 45 46 47.

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