Why is poor information management becoming more of a business risk?

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According to new research carried out by AIIM, more and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of good information management.

Recent events such as the BP oil spill and the Toyota recalls have made businesses mindful of the cost of not having a records management strategy in place. Lawsuits and compensation claims demand access to vital documentation and if the records cannot be made available, the financial implications can be enormous. It has been found that whilst a fairly high percentage of companies are able to manage their electronic documents effectively, they still have difficulty in agreeing a policy of how to store and retrieve emails. Views on ‘best practice’ for the retention of emails varies from keep everything, delete everything or only keep what is deemed to be necessary.

What is overlooked is the fact that business information and potentially critical legal evidence is now largely in the form of emails and attachments and warrants as much, if not more, attention than other electronic records.

To be absolutely failsafe all organisations should use automated email archiving software to store every single incoming and outgoing email. The IPC Group’s product M.Message is a secure storage, management and retrieval solution which automatically classifies, compresses and encrypts every message and attachment. It also facilitates and auditable trail of all email activity providing proof of receipt or despatch. Even if an employee deletes a message at desktop level, it will be retained for all time in M.Message and can be retrieved and used as evidence if necessary.

To find out how M.Message can help you to meet regulatory standards and save unnecessary legal costs, please call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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