Why should research organizations consider lab book scanning?

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Laboratory notebook scanning is usually carried out by a document scanning bureau. The main reason organisations have their laboratory notebooks scanned is to safeguard the information contained in them which, very often, is also their intellectual property.

Keeping laboratory notebooks in paper format only can be a risky business. Not only are they likely to get damaged or destroyed but also controlling access to them can be extremely difficult and they could quite easily be viewed by unauthorised personnel. Storing them in electronic format ensures that the content is preserved and strictly controlled password logins make certain that only authorised access is given to the notebooks.

The laboratory notebooks can either be collected by the company carrying out the scanning or you can arrange to have them delivered. Experienced scanning operatives will scan and index the notebooks according to your instructions and the images and references will be quality checked.

The data can either be exported directly to a server on your premises or downloaded to a CD. After the books have been scanned they can either be returned to you for safekeeping or confidentially destroyed.

For further information on laboratory notebook scanning or to discuss your requirements in more detail please click here or call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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