Kettering Document Storage

Document Storage

Managing office spaces efficiently has become a growing challenge for businesses, especially in bustling cities like Kettering. With rising costs and the increasing need for effective data management, finding smart alternatives to traditional file storage is vital. This is why The IPC Group has designed customised document storage solutions with a mix of innovation, efficiency, and security, transforming how businesses in Kettering handle data.

Document Retrieval Service

Having rapid and hassle-free access to your data is paramount. Recognising this, The IPC Group has streamlined document retrieval processes giving Kettering enterprises the flexibility to:

  • Opt for courier delivery - saving you time and travel.
  • Collect the documents personally - giving you direct control.
  • Use the 'Scan on Demand' feature - a digital-first approach where papers are scanned and dispatched electronically, promoting remote accessibility.

Safety cannot be compromised, especially when dealing with business-critical data. The IPC Group's storage facility near to Kettering boasts cutting-edge security technologies. From modern alarm systems to efficient humidity control, every measure is taken to protect against calamities like fire, water damage, or theft. This robust security framework not only guards valuable data but also aids businesses in adhering to Business Continuity protocols.

Document Lifecycle Management

Merely storing documents isn't enough. Proper record-keeping demands that documents be tracked from the moment they enter storage till their scheduled disposal date. The IPC Group's meticulous database management ensures documents are retained for their necessary tenure, aligning with data protection guidelines and ensuring systematic record management.

Confidential Shredding Service

Data protection doesn't end at storage. Disposing of information, especially sensitive data, needs equal care. Kettering businesses, when collaborating with IPC, are assured of their confidential shredding service. Post-shredding, businesses receive certificates of secure destruction, confirming the irreversible disposal of their documents.

Document Scanning Service

For over a quarter-century, The IPC Group has established itself as an epitome of excellence in document scanning services within Kettering. With a rich history rooted in reliability and quality, our name resonates prominently across various sectors. Renowned institutions such as NHS providers, prominent Manufacturing and Aerospace entities, and leading UK Laboratories have placed their trust in our capabilities.

Our proficiency extends from meticulously processing intricate account documents and delivery notes to adeptly managing multifaceted project archives, quality assurance records, and client communications. Our mission is to seamlessly transition your crucial business documents into a secure digital format.

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Other Physical Document Storage FAQs

What sort of boxes do we need to use for storage?

Boxes should be of sufficient construction for stacking on pallets and should not contain material that weighs more than 20kg for each box. IPC can advise clients on suitable boxes if required. IPC retain the right to reject boxes delivered to the IPC  facility if overweight or of poor construction.

All boxes must be marked by number by client (min 2 box ends) in order for tidy stacking and data base entry. Numbering / colour coding can be used as required by client.

Last update on 25/05/2021 by IPC.

Where are boxes stored?

For over 20 years IPC has had a separate document storage warehouse facility based near Kings Ripton, Huntingdon, which is CCTV monitored, secure and alarmed, with intruder fire / smoke detection. Boxes are rack mounted on pallets.

Last update on 24/10/2023 by IPC.

How do we handle the secure storage of documents?

We can arrange collection in bulk or in smaller quantities, of properly constituted boxes or client can arrange for delivery themselves.

Firstly, as boxes are stored in tiered racking in our document storage facility, clients need to use relevant box size and construction to retain integrity especially over a long storage period, before filling with files (paper weighs a lot!). At IPC we can provide advice on the correct specification and even arrange for the purchase of agreed specification the boxes themselves if required.

Next all paper -based boxes should be labelled with the minimum requirements being the marking of box ends with the same relevant box number. A list of boxes to be collected for document archive storage should also be emailed in advance, to act as a check list on delivery.

Once received, we check the boxes in and they are entered on our database, as to bay location. We also confirm receipt and notification of any boxes that don’t meet agreed storage standards.
With our new warehouse system, clients will have web access to check locations and request retrievals themselves (normal business hours Mon – Fri) via our storage portal. The storage portal also has features to set notes and review dates against boxes, also full audit history is logged against each box so the client can see historic box information and the ability to download box lists for audit purposes, making managing your storage as easy as possible.

Last update on 07/11/2023 by Fifty21 Admin.

How quickly can boxes be returned from storage?

Options include standard 48 hr turnaround from client retrieval request, to an emergency 24 hour service. IPC can have boxes delivered via our secure courier service or clients can elect to collect requested boxes from IPC head office.

Last update on 25/05/2021 by IPC.

Do you provide a retrieval and scan option?

Yes, retrieval of individual sets of paperwork (non urgent) from stored boxes will be undertaken, based on client instruction as to the individual file information box (es)location. Charges will be for box retrieval plus time to locate paperwork and email to a nominated recipient, based on IPC’s Bureau day rate current at the time.

Last update on 25/05/2021 by IPC.

Is there a minimum contract period?

Yes, the minimum contract period for storage is two years.

Last update on 24/10/2023 by IPC.

Do you provide a confidential shredding service for records that are beyond their required storage lifespan?

Yes. Assuming client can provide accurate information i.e, advance notice of destruction dates for stored boxes. We will then add this information to our database and schedule these for confidential on-site shredding; however, we will always send a destruction order for client to sign off, at least 1 month before the scheduled destruction date. Costs for the service are based on weight, which will be quoted for at the time.

Last update on 24/10/2023 by Fifty21 Admin.