Cambridge Document Storage

Document Storage

Office space in and around Cambridge can be costly and managing paper files is time consuming and labour intensive. Why not outsource both the document storage and management to The IPC Group and save money?

The IPC Group provides secure document storage in and around the Cambridge area. Fully customised document storage facilities and a choice of retrieval options guarantee an excellent service for Cambridge businesses.

Files can be retrieved and delivered by courier to companies in and around Cambridge, collected by client or sent via our scan on demand service.

Our alarmed, humidity controlled storage facility will protect business critical information from fire, flood and theft and help Cambridge businesses to comply with Business Continuity requirements.

All types of business documents can be stored and a database records dates of entry and manages dates for destruction.

A confidential shredding service is available for paperwork which no longer needs to be retained and certificates of secure destruction are issued.

If you are looking for Document Storage Cambridge, please click here for a fast quote or call us on 08081 45 46 47.

Document Storage FAQs

What sort of boxes do we need to use for storage?

Boxes should be of sufficient construction for stacking on pallets and should not contain material that weighs more than 20kg for each box. IPC can advise clients on suitable boxes if required. IPC retain the right to reject boxes delivered to the IPC  facility if overweight or of poor construction.

All boxes must be marked by number by client (min 2 box ends) in order for tidy stacking and data base entry. Numbering / colour coding can be used as required by client.

Last update on 25/05/2021 by IPC.

Where are boxes stored?

For over 20 years IPC has had a separate document storage warehouse facility based near Kings Ripton, Huntingdon, which is secure, alarmed and with intruder fire / smoke detection. Boxes are rack mounted on pallets.

Last update on 25/05/2021 by IPC.

How quickly can boxes be returned from storage?

Options include standard 48 hr turnaround from client retrieval request, to an emergency 24 hour service. IPC can have boxes delivered via our secure courier service or clients can elect to collect requested boxes from IPC head office.

Last update on 25/05/2021 by IPC.

Do you provide a retrieval and scan option?

Yes, retrieval of individual sets of paperwork (non urgent) from stored boxes will be undertaken, based on client instruction as to the individual file information box (es)location. Charges will be for box retrieval plus time to locate paperwork and email to a nominated recipient, based on IPC’s Bureau day rate current at the time.

Last update on 25/05/2021 by IPC.

Is there a minimum contract period?

Yes, the minimum contract period for storage is two years.

Last update on 25/05/2021 by IPC.