Ecclesiastical Document Management and Storage

For dioceses and parishes the length and breadth of the UK, paper-based records, often going back centuries are key to retention of knowledge about the clerical workings, buildings and land they are associated or responsible for. Often documents are frail and as such must be retained securely. IPC have been proving a storage and regular retrieval service for the diocese of Ely for over 10 years.

Churches and ecclesiastical organisations regularly store a variety of physical documents with The IPC Group, both for historical record-keeping and for managing their day-to-day operations. These documents include:

  • Sacramental Registers: These are vital records that document the sacraments administered by the church, such as baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and funerals. They serve as an official record of these significant life events.

  • Membership Records: These records contain information about the members of the congregation, including contact information, family relationships, and dates of joining or leaving the church.

  • Board and Committee Minutes: Minutes from meetings of the church board and various committees provide a record of the decisions made and the actions planned within the church's governance structure.

  • Financial Records: This includes records of donations, tithing, expenses, budgets, financial statements, and any other financial transactions. These documents are essential for accounting purposes and often for legal compliance.

  • Property and Legal Documents: Deeds, titles, leases, and any legal documents related to church property and assets are kept for legal reasons and for historical reference.

  • Correspondence: Letters, emails, and other forms of correspondence can be important records of the church's relationships and activities.

  • Historical Documents: These may include foundational documents, such as a church’s charter or constitution, historical writings, photographs, and other items that preserve the history of the church and its community.

  • Liturgical Documents: Texts used in worship services, such as hymnals, prayer books, service bulletins, and sermons, are often kept as part of the church's liturgical record.

  • Newsletters and Bulletins: Regular publications, such as newsletters, bulletins, and event flyers, document the ongoing activities and announcements of the church community.

  • Educational Materials: This includes curriculum for Sunday school, bible study materials, and other educational resources used in the church’s teaching programs.

  • Reports and Strategic Plans: This could include annual reports, strategic planning documents, and other reports that outline the goals, achievements, and future plans of the church.

These documents not only help in the administrative and operational management of the church but also serve as a historical archive that reflects the life and evolution of the church community over time. Proper storage and preservation of these documents are important for both legal compliance and for maintaining the heritage of the church.


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