The IPC Bureau process and pricing

At IPC we are focussed on providing all clients with a high quality service. From the initial project evaluation, to organising collection of paperwork, to the scanning and indexing, and then making images available, clients rely on our attention to detail.
We are happy to give clients indicative pricing based on a number of standard criteria. However, we always like to have sight of the actual files, as it’s only by seeing these that we can properly evaluate the production process; perhaps surprisingly, different types of paperwork have their own dynamics, which can affect the production process; in essence we are offering Clients a time / quality based bureau service that then determines the price.

And we give you a single price for all the main parts of the process - paper preparation, scanning and indexing, so you can budget accordingly. And we can be flexible with clients working to set budgets, as opposed to complete projects. Billing is monthly in arrears, in most cases.

Once all the job dynamics have been established we produce a Job Specification that states the nature of the job, the paper prep required, the scanning format (Tiff / PDF) method of scanned information transfer, and post scanning actions. This is signed off by Client before we commence a project.

·         SLA’s (Service level Agreements)

We work to agreed SLA’s with Clients, which can vary from daily to weekly to ad hoc timescales, depending on volumes and individual project requirements.
We can take in all the documents for a project in one collection / delivery, or work on a file rotation basis e.g. collect ‘x’ files each week, returning the originals from the previous week.

·         Paperwork collection / delivery

We can supply secure courier services that we have used for the last 20 years for the collection and delivery of client paperwork involved in our document imaging services; this paperwork needs to be suitably boxed for transit. We also have the availability of the Post Office overnight Relay service, that guarantees confidential delivery to IPC, and provides a very cost effective service. Alternatively, clients can make their own arrangements.

·         ‘After Scanning’ options

Post scanning we will store paperwork for 3 months , free of charge, as part of the service. At the end of this period, client can elect to have documents shredded, or returned to them (see Confidential Shredding Service).

Post scanning, IPC can also provide a full physical document storage facility, in our separate, humidity controlled document storage warehouse, at additional monthly cost.