High Compression PDF image storage– with Safer Protect security

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With the progression of PDF technology, including the move to a new long term archiving standard – PDF/A (see our blog item) - new software options are now available that can:

a) Improve the quality of previously scanned images
b) Reduce the image file size for storage by 40% and more
c) Protect images from being viewed by anyone but the individuals they are meant for

Improving image quality is achieved via a number of specialist and complex ‘layering’ techniques that the new standards of PDF afford. For archive originals age may have made text or backgrounds difficult to distinguish. With the latest techniques these can be vastly improved to give a much better quality image for storage and viewing.

File Size reduction is an advantage for server storage, and for speed of transmission of files.

File Security is a major concern for organisations especially if they publish information over the internet. Safer Protect uses recursive re-encryption ensuring that files cannot exist in the “wild”, and also pseudo biometric approaches, which will maintain the highest level of security possible. Time and/or restricted numbers of views can be enforced by self purging files; once the end of the ‘licensed views’ is reached the file corrupts providing even higher security over the encrypted state whilst the file is in use.

Each and all of these new system enhancements can be offered by IPC to it’s Clients, as an optional service. Another key factor is that those viewing the images can use current PDF viewers (Adobe V7 and above)

Graham Light (IPC Director) commented

"We are constantly looking at new techniques that we can use, especially where they offer practical and cost benefits to Clients. For those with large stores of electronic documents, or who are seeing a lot of access across remote communication links, the ability to compress file size will be vital.
For those who are looking at security of information – without the need for specialist encryption tools – the Safer Protect route is ideal. If you are looking to publish information without the problems the music industry have with illegal file sharing then this again is a ‘must to have’ technology.
And if you have old or valuable documents to store (and perhaps make available on the web) quality of image is all important..
Plus as an additional side benefit,  if your documents are text based, the new format PDF will also be text searchable."

All or any of these enhancements can be important to every customer. Make sure you ask IPC’s advice as to how they may help you.

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