IPC delighted with performance of new forms processing software!

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Anglian Water has recently created a Huntingdon Campus, comprising of several buildings in the Huntingdon area. Part of this involved consolidating  the old HQ into a new premises in Huntingdon which became operational in the Autumn of 2014. In order to minimise the amount of paperwork  storage that the new facility needs to cater for, Anglian Water decided to embark on a major document scanning project, and after a competitive tender process appointed IPC to work with the 12 main departments affected by the move.

Anglian were looking for a high degree of scanning and indexing accuracy and confidentiality when handling sensitive legal and other types of historic documents. IPC’s experience over the last 20 years handling such material, and meeting high QA standards,  therefore counted in their favour. Location was also a factor, in relation to paperwork deliveries to the IPC Bureau in St.Ives, Cambridgeshire and in case of queries.

Once scanned and QA’d files are electronically transferred from IPC’s servers to individual departmental Share File accounts at Client, who then carry out their own QA and then transfer the information out to other legacy systems.

Working with 12 separate departments, all with their own needs,  presented some challenges, but IPC’s Project Manager for Anglian (Pam Roberts) commented ‘As with all new projects there is a bedding in process, which in this case, with the project being spread across so many departments, took a little longer. Once we had seen all the paperwork and understood all the varying requirements, the Bureau operation could work to relevant SLA’s and the processes from paperwork receipt,  to scanning and indexing and QA / Release have been carried out  in a timely and efficient manner.’

The IPC Group has recently carried out a project which involved the scanning and processing of customer survey forms for a large national retailer.

The forms were processed using forms processing software which captured the handwritten data from the forms. The data is then interpreted and presented on a template to be validated before being exported either in XML or CSV format.

Using software is a much more efficient and cost effective way of processing paper based forms and surveys as it not only reduces the cost of manual data entry from paper to database but also substantially increases the accuracy. IPC was very pleased with the results of the data interpretation and the speed at which the processing was executed and the client was also extremely impressed with the quality of service which IPC delivered.

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