IPC Group gain new Bureau scanning contract

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IPC are pleased to announce that they have had their current contract with Anglia Support Partnership (ASP) extended to incorporate their acquisition of Essex Shared Services Agency (ESSA). ASP is the leading NHS support services provider within the East of England and provides a wide range of services which include Payroll and Pensions. Their Head Office is located in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.

ESSA, Payroll and Financial Services also provided similar services to eight NHS Trusts. In order to improve efficiency, ASP began using IPC’s scanning bureau services in 2008 and due to the success of this, the decision was taken to also convert ESSA’s payroll files to electronic format. As a result, The IPC Group were awarded the contract and are now in the process of scanning paperwork for the eight Trusts which now come under ASP Essex. The work will be ongoing as all payroll documentation which has been processed by ASP Essex on behalf of the NHS Trusts, will then be sent to IPC to be scanned and appended to the electronic files.

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