IPC helps the Environment Agency to preserve historic documents

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The IPC Group has recently been contracted by the Environment Agency to scan a collection of their historic documents in order to preserve them for the future. The documents are unique and irreplaceable and of great value to the Agency so a decision was made to have them scanned in case the originals should become lost or damaged. The records date back to the 1800’s and provide details of river levels which are used for flood management.

The records are kept in bound volumes and the binding has to be removed in order to release the pages for scanning. After the documents have been scanned they will be sent to a local professional bookbinder who will carefully rebind the volumes so they retain their original appearance.

Pam Roberts, IPC’s Marketing Manager, said: ‘It is a great privilege to be working with the Environment Agency and to be involved in their preservation project. As a former Librarian I have a particularly keen interest in historic documents and I am delighted that the Agency is taking such important steps to protect our heritage.’

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