IPC is to help Marshall Group scan more archive material

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The Marshall Group is undertaking a project to preserve its historic archive material and has asked IPC if they could assist with some of the scanning of the paper records.

The material consists of reports, magazines, photographs, newspaper cuttings etc. which document the history and development of the company. Marshall  is doing much of the work in house but will be sending some bulk items to IPC’s document scanning bureau. As IPC has a range of different scanners they will be able to achieve a faster throughput and therefore scan the documents more efficiently.

IPC has been working with The Marshall Group for over twenty years and is proud to be involved in yet another important assignment.

Pam Roberts, IPC’s Marketing Manager said:

‘It is so rewarding to know that this work will not only ensure that the history of the Marshall Group is safeguarded but that it will be available to any interested parties who previously were unable to access it.’

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