IPC plan a seminar to demonstrate digital pen technology

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The IPC Group will be hosting a seminar in spring 2010 to demonstrate the newest addition to their suite of products, the digital pen.

The pen can be used for example, for form filling, recording information such as medical notes, police reports, proof of delivery notes and surveys. It looks like a standard ballpoint pen, but by using state of the art camera and pressure point technology the digital pen can capture an image of a form a user completes, and is also able to extract data from relevant fields.

Data can be transferred to a central server via mobile phone (Bluetooth) or by docking to a USB port on a PC / Laptop and can be viewed almost immediately anywhere in the world.

The seminar will include presentations from leading industry experts and will feature case studies of how the technology has helped businesses to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Delegates will also be given the opportunity to use the pen and experience first hand, the speed and accuracy of the data transfer.

The event will be held in the morning and repeated in the afternoon of the same day. Full details will be published on the IPC Group’s website in the New Year but as places will be limited, you can register your interest immediately by calling us on 08081 45 46 47.

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