IPC Scan Historic Marshall Group Books

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The IPC Group has recently been commissioned to scan three books which document the history of the Marshall Group.

The first book entitled ‘The Marshall Story’ gives a detailed account of the development and growth of the Cambridge company from its humble beginnings to becoming a large, successful aerospace and car dealership business which also owns and operates Cambridge International Airport.

The other two books are ‘Marshall of Cambridge’ and ‘Tested – Marshall Test Pilots’.

The reason IPC was requested to scan the books is that Marshall wanted to publish them on their intranet and the original manuscripts were not available in PC format. They were scanned as PDF files with OCR applied to make the text fully searchable. The documents are to be viewed on iPads and PC’s so the clarity of the images, of which many were photographs, was of high importance.

IPC has been working with Marshall for over twenty years and has carried out a wide range of scanning projects for several departments. Pam Roberts, IPC’s Marketing Manager, commented: ‘The IPC Group is very proud to be involved in the preservation of the history of such a successful local company and relish the opportunities to carry out such a diverse range of projects. We have always enjoyed a good working relationship with Marshall and trust it will continue for many years to come.’

Alan Paul, Head of ICT at Marshall commented that the books had already been downloaded over 600 times by staff members and they had been very well received.  IPC were a valued partner in the drive to reduce paper and digitise content wherever possible.

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