New Features in mstore EDM system 5.1 Release

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PDF conversion for email
Images and data stored in mstore can be exported via email in PDF format, a function mstore will apply as a user defined option

Document / Event History
There is already a history log on the document enquiry screen that details action for an individual document. Event History is a new powerful cross system tool allowing administrators a view of all events, and then granularity to individual actions. A reporting facility (export) is also available.

Document QA
Allows a user to visually quality control check one in 'n' documents stored for quality of image and indexing accuracy.

Document Integrity
Can be run at cabinet or document type level to check for any instances where there is a suspicion that stored documents may have been changed (possible fraudulent activity) in any way.

Web Security
Relevant to customers with the mstore Web Engine, allowing customisation of access for clients / suppliers

Controller Status (as a Role)
Can now create a role beneath full Administrator, that allows changes to be restricted to individual cabinets (relevant in larger system applications)

Graham Light (IPC) commented
'This new release which is available as an upgrade for current customers, as well as new clients, reinforces the data integrity side of the system. The ability to run QA checks on documents scanned, to see what actions and activities users are taking both in summary and in detail, over any period, means system administrators have powerful tools to ensure system integrity and compliance. We have already started the process of upgrading current clients, and they are delighted with the additional security functions'

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