Stop Press item: IPC Launch The Paper Computer - March 2009

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Despite the proliferation of portable computer devices, the world still uses the pen and paper especially with regard to forms, to record information when mobile and doing their routine jobs.

Recognising this IPC is to launch a new range of products and services that will revolutionise the capture and transmission of such data.

Using highly advanced digital pens, state of the art handwriting recognition, and Anoto pattern paper, users will be able to write on overprinted standard paper that will in effect become a computer terminal.
A PDF and XML file will be created of a completed form (which can include drawings and hand written notes) and this information can be transmitted via Bluetooth direct to a host server in seconds (or via a USB port in a PC). A version for notes only taking will also be available.

IPC’s Marketing Manger, Pam Roberts said ‘This new revolutionary service completes the circle in information creation and management. People in all sorts of work situations will be able to use what they are familiar with – pen and paper- yet the business will benefit from speed of access to the information, cutting out data key entry, and be able to store a true PDF image at the same time. And of course mstore our EDM solution will be able to interface easily with this new technology to give an even wider range of benefits’.

If you are interested in getting more information on this exciting new offering contact us on 01480-356701.

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