Sending your material

Before you start wrapping!

  • We can give titles to sets of material we scan for you. So, as a first step, arrange your material (photos and other paper documents) into sets that have a common theme or title – e.g. Mary’s wedding, 1989. When deciding on names for sets of material please only use letters and numbers (no special computer characters) with spaces to separate words.
  • If there is writing on the back of photos, we will scan these (unless you instruct us not to) as another image page, which will be the next image after the photo itself.
  • When you get the images back from us those in each set will be grouped into a single folder with the title you choose (note: you can change titles for these folders on a computer if you want to yourself).
  • If you don’t provide us with names the images will come back with a unique number, which again you can change.

Naming sets of material.

  • You can place an order online by completing the online order form which can be found here Order Now.

Packaging your material

  • Gather each set of loose material (photos and other paper based information) together and put them in appropriately sized paper or padded envelopes (or other containers) which you can seal for security during transit.
  • If you are having names for each set, write the names on the envelope (as well as on the order form) or use a sticky label with the information on and place it on each envelope.
  • If you are sending (or delivering) items such as photo albums, diaries etc. then please put a label on each of these as to the naming convention required.
  • Once you have all your sets of material together, if you are sending by post or courier, place them in a container (larger envelope or box) WITH YOUR ORDER CONFIRMATION INSIDE
  • Containers should be securely sealed and taped and have a label with your name and address on
  • If using post, we recommend the Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed Next Day service and you can find full pricing details at the following web site address here
  • If you want to deliver your material in person, please follow the same packing instructions for sets of material. You can deliver to us Monday – Friday 8.30am – 4.00pm (excl. bank holidays). Please call us in advance (01480-356701) so we know when to expect you.

Queries and Job Completion

  • If we have any queries, or notice any damage to received packages we will contact you before scanning your order.
  • Once the scanning has been completed we will advise you by email or telephone and send you an invoice for the work. Once this has been paid, your scanned images will be sent to you.
  • We retain your original material for security and in case of quality issues until you confirm your order is acceptable. It will then be returned to you or it can be collected personally from IPC House.

The IPC Group
IPC House
7, Venture Court
Edison Road
St. Ives
Cambs PE27 3JX

You can find directions to IPC on our website under Contact