Pricing (excl. vat)

There is a minimum order value of £50 plus VAT.

Material Type Order Quantity Prices (excl. vat)
Loose Photos Up to A3 size 1-250 14p per photo image (600 dpi)
251-500 13p per photo image (600 dpi)
500+ 12p per photo image (600 dpi)
Albums (up to A3 size) 1-250 pages 60p per image page
251+ 55p per image page
Other paper based originals Up to A3 size 1-250 pages 14p per image page
251-500 13p per image page
500+ 12p per image page
Film Slide (35mm) scanning at 6400 dpi 1-50 £ 1.25 per slide
51+ £ 1.00 per slide
Film Negatives scanning at 2400 dpi up to 9 x 12 cm 1-50 £ 2.00 each
51+ £ 1.70 each
Memory Stick 1 £ 15.00 each
Encrypted Memory Stick (32GB) 1 £ 40.00 each
Delivery of Memory sticks (via Royal Mail next day Special Delivery) 1 £ 15.00 per parcel
Delivery of supplied originals (incl. albums) By secure courier or Post Office (clients are free to collect from IPC House) Prices will be based on parcel weight and advised to client prior to final invoice