Our services are designed to meet the unique needs of accountants, offering secure, efficient, and accessible document management that ensures the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive financial data. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by professionals in the field of accountancy, IPC Group offers an unparalleled service that streamlines document handling, storage, and retrieval processes.


Our end-to-end management service for drawing tubes, plans, sketches, and surveys represents a complete solution for architectural and engineering firms. From the initial stages of collection and cataloguing to the final steps of secure destruction and recycling, we ensure that every aspect of your document management is handled with the highest standards of efficiency and security.

Aviation / Aerospace

The IPC Group's comprehensive services in document scanning, management, and archive storage are revolutionising the way the UK Aerospace and Aviation Industry handles its documentation. These services not only optimise office space efficiency but also streamline the processing and storage of essential documents.


Safeguarding vital documents like property and charity deeds is of paramount importance. The IPC Group, recognising this critical need, offers a solution that blends security with accessibility – providing secure and fire-proof storage services specifically tailored for churches and charitable organisations.


Our services not only alleviate the physical space constraints faced by educational institutions but also ensure that these vital documents remain accessible and secure, ready to be retrieved when needed. With IPC Group's off-site storage solutions, educational institutions can focus on their primary mission of delivering quality education, confident in the knowledge that their documentation is managed efficiently and securely, in compliance with regulatory standards.


We offer a strategic solution for insurance companies to enhance their disaster recovery strategies through our off-site document storage services. Office space limitations within the insurance sector, coupled with the necessity for swift retrieval of paper-based information, are optimally addressed through our document storage and retrieval services.

NHS & Healthcare

For the National Health Service (NHS) and healthcare providers, we recognise the distinct advantages of off-site document storage in addressing the specific challenges and obligations inherent to the healthcare sector. Our specialised services are designed to ensure the secure, efficient, and compliant management of sensitive health records, patient information, and critical regulatory documentation.


Every day, Retail Pharmacies and Pharmaceutical departments accumulate a significant amount of paperwork, including patient records, insurance forms, clinical trials information, and prescriptions. The traditional methods of storing and retrieving these documents are becoming less effective and more costly. It is evident that a more streamlined process is necessary, and The IPC Group's modern document management solutions can provide valuable support.


Our services is designed to optimise the effectiveness and safety of handling vital documents, including infrastructure plans, compliance records, and customer data, guaranteeing their accessibility and protection. We provide a comprehensive solution specifically tailored for Utility companies, which simplifies document workflows and storage. Our facility offers a secure foundation for storing confidential information, and our unwavering dedication to excellence allows utility providers to concentrate on their primary operations with complete assurance.